Happy Halloween from Kid’s Creek!

All of us here at Kid’s Creek Therapy have had a great time over the past week as we’ve celebrated one of our favorite holidays! For eight days, we’ve spotted nerds, geeks, athletes, heroes, and villains in the clinic, and we loved seeing what our kiddos chose as their costumes at “Trunk or Treat” on Saturday. Now that the Main Event has arrived, we can’t wait to see who (and what!) comes through our doors today!

Dressing up uses our imaginations and showcases our unique personalities – that’s why our therapists enjoy dressing up just as much the kids do! A few of our Kid’s Creek kids decided to use their imaginations and write “scary stories” during their speech sessions this week. Here are a few of the stories they created:

“I put on my costume to go trick or treating. I dressed up as a baseball player. I went with Ms. Cindy, Claire, Priya, and Angela. We got a spooky book. We went to a spooky house. There was a scary, pink monster. We scared the monster by screaming at it. Then there was a loud ghost. We went home. That’s it.” – Seth

“On Halloween I came to Kid’s Creek and I saw a spider. Mrs. Melanie ran away with me outside. A ghost came up to us and scared us. We ran away and saw a hungry Panda and we were lost.” – Tyler

“There once was a man named Patrick. Every night that the moon was full Patrick would turn into a werewolf. One night, Patrick turned into a werewolf. He was in the car with his girlfriend. When he was outside in the park he turned into a werewolf. His girlfriend ran away. He was curious. Then later on he turned back to normal.” – Andrew

“When I was trick or treating, I saw a zombie. It came to me and said, “Hello. BOO!” And then, I ran. I saw a skeleton. He said, “I’m going to eat you!” I said, “BOO!” So the skeleton ran away.” – Yug

We hope all of our kids and their families have a great time this evening!

Happy Halloween!

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