Fast ForWord®

What is Fast ForWord®?

Based on over 30 years of scientific research on how the brain learns, the Fast ForWord® family of products is designed to help elementary, middle and high school students develop and strengthen memory and sequencing skills, attention, auditory processing, processing speed, and the language skills essential for academic success.

Neuroscience research has proven that difficulties with language and auditory processing can have adverse repercussions on cognitive skills and academic performance. Fast ForWord® programs actually build the learning capacity of the brain in children and adolescents. By applying neuroscience principles, these intensive computer-based programs strengthen memory, attention, processing & sequencing skills which are essential for academic learning and reading success.

What is the Fast ForWord® Family of Products?

Fast ForWord® Language – Elementary Students
Fast ForWord® Literacy – Middle & High School Students

These initial products in the Language and Literacy series build foundational reading and language skills while improving memory, attention and processing rates so students can become successful learners.

Fast ForWord® Language to Reading – Elementary Students
Fast ForWord® Literacy Advanced – Middle & High School Students

These products help students make the link between spoken words and reading. They continue the cognitive strengthening of the initial series and bundle it with advanced practice in grammatical structures and comprehension.

Fast ForWord® Reading

Applying the discoveries of neuroscience, the Reading series (1-5) is a reading intervention solution that increases processing efficiency and builds critical reading skills – everything from phonics to passage comprehension.

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How Does Fast ForWord® Work?

Fast ForWord® products use patented technologies that leverage the science and opportunity of the brain’s ability to change at any age throughout life. By exercising processing skills through intensive, adaptive activity, actual physical changes occur in the brain, providing a foundation for learning and reading success.

Is My Child a Candidate?

Does your child

  • Struggle with homework?
  • Misunderstand what you say?
  • Give slow or delayed responses?
  • Get confused in noisy situations?
  • Have an attention problem?
  • Have difficulty with reading or learning to read?
  • Request that information be repeated?
  • Have difficulty remembering/following oral instructions?
  • Have difficulty with phonics, reading or spelling?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, your child may be a candidate for Fast ForWord®.

How do we do Fast ForWord® differently?

Kid’s Creek provides on-site and off-site Fast ForWord® programming that is monitored and implemented by licensed and experienced Speech-Language Pathologists.

Fast ForWord® at Kid’s Creek includes:

  • Hands on monitoring
  • Regular progress meetings
  • Pre- and post-testing
  • Intervention planning after Fast ForWord® completion
  • Fun motivational incentives

If you have a child who may benefit from Fast ForWord®, please contact us for a free consultation.

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