Dress-Up Week, Scary Stories, and Using Your Imagination


It’s “Dress Up Week” at Kid’s Creek Therapy!

Monday was Hat Day and Tuesday was Princess, Prince, or Pirate Day! Today we’re asking our kids to dress to support their favorite team, and on Thursday and Friday we’ll finish up the week with Costume Day and Mismatch Day.

Our therapists and kids alike enjoy dressing up.

It’s more than just fun – it gives us a chance to show people what our interests are, to showcase our individual personalities, and to use our imaginations.

Another way that some of the Kid’s Creek kids have been using their imaginations lately is by writing “scary stories” during speech sessions. Speech therapist Jessie Nelson shared a few with us:

~ Nicholas M. ~

Its Halloween night at Kid’s Creek. I’m here with my mom. It was scary seeing all of the creatures outside. There were werewolves, zombies, vampires, and mummies. They see me and my mom and they try to get inside. They got inside by breaking the window. We panicked! We ran! They were chasing us. Then they ate us. The Kid’s Creek staff never knew what happened to me or my mom but they missed us very much.

The end.

~ Elisha ~

The staff at Kid’s Creek had been acting strange. First, Ms. Jessie was dressed up as a ninja. She was jumping everywhere and had a sword. Then Ms. Katie was dressed up as a super hero. She was going around and saving the day. Ms. Vicky was a Frankenstein. She wore a mask that was scary. Ms. Karolee was dressed up as a scarecrow. She had on a hat, farmer clothes, and shoes. Nicholas was dressed up like a mummy.

It was dark in Kid’s Creek. It was night. We were in the gym scaring people! Then I came in dressed like a ninja too! I rescued all of the kids that were scared.

~ Connor G. ~

I’m going to a haunted house. I walked to the house. When I get there, I rang the doorbell. The door opened and nobody is there. I entered the house but I felt scared. Then the door closed by itself. I explored the house. There was a dog in the bathroom. I bent down to pet the dog but my hand went right through him. He was a ghost! I ran into a different room. I was now in the kitchen and I saw a pumpkin sitting on the table. The pumpkin moved! I screamed and ran home. I never want to go back to that house.

~ Yash ~

I had just finished cutting the grass and was using the blower to clean the grass away. All of a sudden, a pumpkin scared me! He blew a horn at me. I blew the pumpkin away with a blower. Then a ghost said “Boo!” It scared me too! I blew the ghost away with a blower. Then Frankenstein came up and said “Please don’t blow me away.” Then he helped me wash my car. Frankenstein and I became good friends.

Aren’t those great? Each one was completely different! Writing stories is not only a great way to use your imagination, but it’s a fun activity for some kids to incorporate into speech therapy sessions, as well.

Now check out photos from Kid’s Creek Dress-Up Week on our Facebook page!

Jack-o’-lantern image courtesy of William Warby/Flickr; caption added.

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