More Than Therapy: Leaders in Training


Kid’s Creek has partnered with our local Johns Creek Kroger store to help promote community integration with our teens. The Leaders in Training experience promotes real life engagements in a safe and controlled environment.

Three teenagers from the Kid’s Creek family recently completed the week long program. Every day they learned something new. Their final task was to create a grocery list, locate the items on the list, determine how much money the items would be, scan the items, and bag their items. They also practiced being a cashier and bagging other’s groceries.


Shane and Sydney locating items on their grocery lists


Seth and Shane practicing their newly learned money management skills by paying for their groceries


Sydney and Seth just completed purchasing their groceries.


The entire group after making their final purchases.

Our teenagers were able to speak with a variety of Kroger employees. They were able to practice their social skills by asking questions about items, helping each other solve problems, talking to others about their preferences, and participating in interviews.


Latasha and Shane give Leaders in Training a thumbs-up.

A lot of hard work and love was put into creating this program. Speech and occupational therapists worked in collaboration to create a curriculum that would be engaging, challenging, and fun. Even with all of the work the Kid’s Creek therapists put into the program, it would not have been possible without the cooperation of the Johns Creek Kroger staff. We are thankful for their commitment to the community and willingness to participate in this program.

At Kid’s Creek we are always looking for ways to help our kiddos have bright futures, and it’s looking very bright around here! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for new and upcoming events.

Jessie Nelson Willis, M.Ed., CCC-SLP


Shane, Sydney, and Seth with their completion certificates

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