Intensive Treatment Sessions

Kid’s Creek Therapy is happy to offer Speech Connections, intensive speech therapy programs for children with childhood apraxia of speech and those with cleft palate. Speech Connections programs are available for both current and new patients, and are a good option for families who live too far away from our office to schedule regular appointments. Learn more about each of these programs below, and visit our Traveling Families page for information on hotel accommodations, Atlanta-area activities, and food.

Speech Connections Programs

Apraxia Intensive Program

Our Apraxia Intensive Program uses evidence-based techniques in an individualized program to elicit correct speech production in children with childhood apraxia of speech.

Goals of the program include:

  1. Increase and/or refine speech sound repertoire
  2. Increase expressive vocabulary skills
  3. Increase ability to combine words
  4. Increase ability to express wants, needs, and thoughts

Speech Connections is available in either one- or two-week programs. All participants will receive a home program and a treatment summary at the completion of the session. Download our Apraxia Intensive Program brochure or call us at 770-888-5221 for more information.

Cleft Palate Intensive Program

Our Cleft Palate Intensive Program uses evidence-based techniques to teach children with cleft palate and/or velopharyngeal dysfunction the correct way to say speech sounds. This program benefits children with repaired and unrepaired clefts, submucous clefts, and palate weakness related to nerve damage. Within group settings, it will give children a chance to interact with peers with similar craniofacial anomalies. Goals of the program include:

  1. Familiarize children with the feeling of making pressure consonants
  2. Teach children to use nasal occlusion independently (if necessary)
  3. Set up individualized home program with families to continue use of therapy in home environments

Our Cleft Palate Intensive Programs are available in either individual or group format for children of a variety of ages and stages of cleft palate repair. Download our Cleft Palate Intensive Program brochure or call us at 770-888-5221 for more information.

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