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How to Use Games to Develop Social Skills, Speech, and Language

Remember the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? As a child I used to love watching the movie—the one where Burl Ives, starring as Sam the Snowman, narrates Rudolph’s journey to the Island of Misfit Toys and back—but I

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How to Succeed at the Holidays When You Have a Child With Special Needs

A few months ago, my children and I were visiting my mom for a few days. The daughter of my mom’s best friend (I’ll call her J) had just moved back to our hometown with her daughter, so my mom

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Mommy, They Say That I’m Weird…

Today, we share with you a post provided by a Kid’s Creek parent; we hope that the suggestions she provides will be helpful to other parents. Out of respect for the child’s privacy we are withholding the author’s name. I

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How-To: Social Stories and Halloween

New situations can cause anxiety for some children, causing them to behave inappropriately. Many parents have asked me for help because their child wouldn’t stay buckled in the car, would behave appropriately in a store, or struggled at a birthday party. One of

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Social Skills Groups for Children

Social skills group enable children to receive instruction and practice what they have learned with their peers.

Most adults learned early on how to read facial expressions, recognize subtleties, take turns during conversations, and make eye contact with other people. Social skills like these help us make friends, succeed first in school and later in work, and

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More Than Therapy: Leaders in Training

Kid’s Creek has partnered with our local Johns Creek Kroger store to help promote community integration with our teens. The Leaders in Training experience promotes real life engagements in a safe and controlled environment. Three teenagers from the Kid’s Creek

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