Social Skills – Getting Started

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Social Skills Questionnaire

Prior to participating in Kid’s Creek Therapy Social Skills for Kids programs, we will want to know more about your child’s social needs. Please read through and complete our social skills questionnaire so we can ensure the needs of your child will be met. Topics in the social skills for kids questionnaire include:

  • Child’s educational placement
  • Specific diagnoses
  • Diet and food allergies
  • Current communication abilities
  • Behavioral issues 
  • Prior experience in social skills programs
  • Social skills strengths and weaknesses 
  • Current social activities
  • Social skills objectives

Download social skills questionnaire (.doc).

Parent Social Skills Contract

Participation in social skills for kids programs is a partnership between Kid’s Creek Therapy, student, and parent. Our commitment is to provide a superior curriculum and we ask that parents commit to working with us for the child’s success through at-home practice and homework assignments. When you enroll your child in Kid’s Creek Therapy social skills programs, we ask that you sign a parent contract demonstrating this commitment.

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