Testimonials from parents of special needs children

“Our son, W, began speech therapy at Kid’s Creek when he was 23 months old. At that time W had only one or two consistent words. From our first evaluation, I was very impressed with our therapist, Meagan, as well as the owner, Melanie McGriff. Melanie took a personal interest in W and assured me that he would get the best care possible for his condition.

W is now saying two to three word sentences, and while he’s got a ways to go, he has come a long way. My husband and I attribute a great deal of his progress to Kid’s Creek and the care he receives. He loves his sessions with Meagan and is thriving.

Kid’s Creek not only makes W feel welcome, but the entire staff—from the front office to our therapist to the owner—is a pleasure to work with. I have recommended Kid’s Creek to a number of friends and will continue to recommend Kid’s Creek to anyone looking for outstanding therapy.”

– W’s mom

“Kid’s Creek Therapy has made amazing changes in our family. Our son, B, was having difficulty at school and at home in several areas. Lack of focus and attention, sensory seeking behaviors and sleep troubles were the primary concerns. I wondered if he was struggling with sensory processing issues and felt it was vital to have him evaluated. Debbie Jerome, our OT at Kid’s Creek, confirmed what we expected but also so much more. She recognized specific sensory issues and lack of muscle development that we had not even noticed.

Our occupational therapist has given B the tools to help his sensory issues and she has provided my husband and me with the strategies to help B succeed at home and school. We know so much more about B and what he needs now. We can see when he struggles or gets over-stimulated and now know the steps to take to help him self-regulate. Thanks to Kid’s Creek Therapy we are learning how to give our son the best possible opportunity for success.”

– B’s Mom and Dad

“When my daughter, M, was in the 3rd grade, she was referred to an orthodontist by our dentist because of her teeth. One of the orthodontists we saw diagnosed her with tongue thrust. He put an appliance in her mouth for nine months to correct the problem. During those nine months, her teeth made a great improvement, but when the appliance was removed she slowly went back to her original form of speech with the tongue thrust. By the sixth grade she had braces. After they were removed her teeth were absolutely beautiful, but the tongue thrust was still there. They gave her permanent retainers on both her upper and lower front teeth to aid in keeping her straight teeth in place. Although her teeth were now great, we wanted our daughter to be able to speak without the tongue thrust and improve her self-confidence when speaking in front of others. Our daughter was now fourteen and in the ninth grade. We weren’t sure if it was too late. A friend told us about Melanie at Kid’s Creek Therapy. We made an appointment, and our daughter went reluctantly. Melanie was absolutely great with our teenager, and she enjoyed going to meet with Melanie each week. After three months of therapy with Melanie to train her tongue to swallow and speak properly, we are SO grateful to say that our daughter is speaking without tongue thrust. It was not too late. We only wish we would have known of the therapy and had done it years earlier. Thank you, Melanie!

– M’s Mom  and Dad

“S is 17 years old with the diagnosis of autism. She has been receiving therapies at Kid’s Creek for approximately 2 years.

After a relocation and the same therapy center for over eight years I felt I would have a hard time finding a comparable therapy center. Well, I was wrong. Kid’s Creek Therapy not only made us feel welcome but also has worked hard at improving Sarah’s well being as if she were just beginning therapies. I feel very fortunate to have found such an open and welcoming therapy center for Sarah.

The entire staff has gone above everyday operations to help S and make us feel welcomed. Every therapist there acknowledges S and makes her feel she is just like any other child or young adult, which is what a lot of our children strive for in life.

I will continue to recommend Kid’s Creek Therapy to anyone looking for exceptional care and therapy for their child.”

– S’s Mom

“J has entered first grade now and I couldn’t be more pleased with his progress. We moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi last summer. I was somewhat afraid that we would walk into an environment unfamiliar with the sensory processing world and in some ways, we have. As a mom I dreaded the regression that J would experience in kindergarten and first grade.

J’s progress is remarkable. I remember when we moved I asked [our OT] to give me a letter for the new school so they would know how to “handle” J. She assured me that he would do fine with his new coping skills and that she wanted HIM to adjust to his new environment. Well, if you can be CURED of Sensory Processing Disorder, I feel that J has been. His new teachers, OT and school therapists see no noticeable sign of Sensory Processing Disorder. I show them the reports and they continue to tell me he is not showing signs of needing help/accommodations at school. He is getting A+ on tests and perfect behavior reports. We could not be happier. I wish every child with Sensory Processing Disorder could attend therapy at Kid’s Creek. It has changed our lives and I know it has made a lasting impact on J and his success in school. J’s Sensory Processing Disorder was most noticeable with social relations and that is almost gone. He still loves to bump into walls, but sometimes I wonder if that’s just a habit/fun thing now and not a real need. We still have issues with clothes bothering him, but [my husband] and I do, too!! All of these things are rarely noticed by others as unusual.

We are truly blessed. I truly believe that he would have gone undiagnosed [in our previous location] and I would be singing a different song today. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Your clinic and [J’s OT] hold a very special place in my heart. God bless you and every child you serve.”

– J’s Mom

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