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Gross Motor Issues in the Classroom

Starting out in the field of pediatrics, I was incredibly fortunate to work with and learn from a phenomenal Physical Therapist, Pamela Hansford. Through many years of practical experience, she developed a theoretical explanation of how apparently “minor problems” may

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Mommy, They Say That I’m Weird…

Today, we share with you a post provided by a Kid’s Creek parent; we hope that the suggestions she provides will be helpful to other parents. Out of respect for the child’s privacy we are withholding the author’s name. I

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Education and Disability: Understanding the Differences Between the IEP and the 504

At Kid’s Creek Therapy, we pride ourselves on not just treating children, but being a resource for parents of our patients. One question that we commonly receive relates to school – in particular, what are IEPs and 504 plans, what

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