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What Is a Parent’s Role at Therapy?

Week after week, parents bring their children to our clinic. They walk in our doors, hand-in-hand with their children, and trust that when their child goes back to the treatment room the therapist knows best. It’s important for parents to

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HELP! My Child Has an AAC System—Now What?!

An augmentative alternative communication (AAC) device can be anything that is used to help a person communicate; it can be as simple as a communication board or book or as high-tech as a speech-generating device (SGD). These communication systems are meant

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Understanding Speech Development Milestones in Babies

I talk about milestones on a near-daily basis with my patients and their families, but I’m also watching out for early milestones with my own son who was born in August – especially since he was born prematurely. As a

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