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Are Meltdowns a Sensory Issue or Acting Out, and What Should I Do About It?

Last weekend, I stopped at my local grocery store to buy some needed items for dinner. As I was checking out, I noticed a boy crying in a grocery cart. He appeared quite upset as he screamed and hit the

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Why Isn’t My Child Talking? An OT’s Perspective

Why isn’t my child talking? Although you may think this question is only for a speech therapist, occupational therapy may provide some answers, as well. I frequently notice a child start to babble and talk more as I work with them in the gym

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Vision in Children: Should My Child See an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist?

As I send my youngest child, Adam, off to college, I remember my first days as a pediatric occupational therapist when he was one and barely walking. I spent those early years learning how to treat young children, watching my son obtain

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What is a Listening Program, and Who Can Benefit?

Have you ever seen children wearing headphones in a therapy clinic? Did you wonder what they were doing? There’s a good chance they were using a “listening” (or “sound”) program as part of their occupational therapy. Listening programs are used

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