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How Important Is Crawling to Baby’s Development?

Many parents whose children skip the crawling phase believe that their children are not only developing typically but are actually advanced. When parents report that their child has skipped crawling, the pediatrician may (or may not) indicate that it’s an

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What Executive Functions Are and How to Develop Them In Your Child

“Why does my child often seem disorganized? I told him the same thing five times and he still did not remember! He has trouble planning and checking his work…It is difficult for him to switch from one activity to another or

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The Difference Between a Tantrum and a Meltdown

A lone parent stands in the grocery store, her child kicking, screaming, biting, shouting, and turning into someone she barely recognizes. “All this over candy?” she thinks. “Is this because of his special needs?” she wonders. Other parents and bystanders

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