How do you know when your child needs help?

Our staff of trained pediatric therapists can pinpoint the reasons behind developmental delays and sensory issues and identify when a child may need treatment.

A free consultation can ease your mind or let you know when it’s time to consider speech, occupational, or physical therapy for your child.

What to Do With Your Child’s Results

As parents, we know that every child is different! Personality, ability, and when they will hit the milestones of childhood development vary. But what should you do when your child’s progress doesn’t align with what you expect?

If your child scored 13 or more on one or more areas of the developmental assessment, read on to learn more about how Kid’s Creek therapists can help.

Follow this link if you’d like to complete the GAP Assessment again.

Gross Motor Concerns

Gross motor milestones include crawling, walking, running, throwing, lifting, kicking, jumping, pedaling, etc. – activities that use the larger muscles in the arms, legs, and torso. Children with gross motor delays should be checked out, as they may have weaknesses in muscle tone, strength, or balance.

Pediatric physical therapy addresses strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and sensory integration for children. Our physical therapists can identify obstacles to progress and help your child develop these and other gross motor skills.

With a Gross Motor Score of 13 or more, we recommend you schedule a free physical therapy consultation today.

Fine Motor Concerns

Fine motor skills are activities that are done using the hands and arms, such as reaching for a toy, pointing, building a tower of blocks, using a crayon, brushing teeth, or buttoning/unbuttoning a shirt. Occupational therapists work with children to increase fine motor skills and self-care skills.

Sometimes, fine motor delays mean a child needs help with cognition or decision-making skills. Difficulty with some fine motor tasks can indicate issues with sensory processing (i.e., how a child manages and uses information from his/her environments and surroundings).

With a Fine Motor Score of 13 or more, we recommend you schedule a free occupational therapy consultation today.

Johns Creek Speech Therapy

Speech Concerns

Parents should trust their gut when it comes to their child’s speech. Warning signs in young children could be: saying only a few words, speech most people can’t understand, not using sentences, and having trouble playing and talking with other children.

Speech issues are treatable, but it’s important to act early. Untreated speech and hearing issues can lead to problems with reading and writing, school, making friends, behavior, and more.

With a Speech Score of 13 or more, we recommend you schedule a free speech therapy consultation today.

Sensory Concerns

Does your child seem “extra sensitive” to things around them? They may have “over the top” reactions to being tired, hungry, scared, or feeling frustrated or they may react strongly to noise, lights, crowds, touch – even seemingly minor issues like tags in clothing. They may also seem uncoordinated or have trouble engaging in play with other children.

Children who are “extra sensitive” often have what is referred to as sensory processing disorder. Our occupational therapists and physical therapists treat children who have trouble making use of sensory information.

With a Sensory Score of 13 or more, we recommend you schedule a free occupational therapy consultation today.

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