Happy Birthday to Kid’s Creek!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Kid’s Creek Therapy’s 13th birthday on Saturday, January 28th. First we need to mention how wonderful our staff is and how much they love our patients. They took time out of their personal schedules to plan, volunteer, and create games to make sure that our patients had a wonderful time. There was never a question of IF they were going be able to help but “What can I do?”


Pictured: Amanda, Ritu, Melanie, Jessica, Claire, Makensie, Justine, Cheryl, Jessie, and Jill

Second, we have to thank the community for stepping in to help make this birthday party happen. We received donations that ranged in food, gift cards, and materials needed to build games.

Publix, Costco, Kroger, and QuikTrip provided cake, drinks, snacks, and ice.


Home Depot and Lowe’s provided us with materials to make games for the kids to play with like these cornhole boards.


UPS donated boxes so that we could play real life “Angry Birds!”


Seven Sisters Scones gave us two trays full of regular brownies, cookies, and scones and gluten free brownies, cookies, and scones.20170128-2.web

Alessio’s donated ten gluten-free pizzas.


Jimmy John’s gave us two trays of turkey and ham sandwiches.

Gift cards from Walmart and Target made it possible for us to do crafts and give our prizes to our kiddos.


Our kiddos had a blast! We loved being able to throw a birthday party where our kids could come and play in an environment that was safe and with people that understand them!


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