Group Social Skills Classes

Level I – Back to Basics (6 weeks)

  • Fundamental social skills using social scripts
  • The How To’s of successful social interactions
  • Character Traits lessons and activities

Level II – Social Scenarios (6 weeks)

  • Peers practice social scenarios on stage, developing the ability to transition and adjust with changing people, places and situations
  • Learn in-depth techniques for bullying and negotiation

Level III – Emotional Intelligence (6 weeks)

  • In-depth study of emotions and facial expressions with the ability to read the unspoken cues of social situations
  • Development of social intuition and awareness
  • Inner work of moderation, regulation and self-advocacy

Holiday Session (3 weeks)

  • Learn social graces of gatherings, parties and gift exchanges
  • Handling excitement, handling disappointments, and learning to wait
  • Expressing compassion and tolerance with relatives of all ages

All group social skills classes are also available through one-on-one social coaching.

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