Did You Know That Kid’s Creek Offers Music Therapy?

What is music therapy?

Music Therapy is the use of music to achieve non-musical goals. Music therapists work toward similar goals to those of speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, but using music as our medium! We help improve speech, cognition, attention, motor skills, and self-help and play skills.

Why music?

Music is a powerful vehicle for development and rehabilitation because of it’s nonverbal, creative, structural, and emotional qualities. Music is accessible and non-intimidating, which allows for quick progress to be attained – AND IT’S FUN! – which makes it motivating for children!

Who are music therapists?

Music therapists hold a degree in music therapy. The music therapy academic programs are a combination of music and behavioral science – so when working with a music therapist you get both a clinician and a musician! Music therapists s are also board certified and state licensed.

Who is a good candidate for music therapy?

Music therapy is a powerful therapy option for many children. Our most common clients are children with:

  • autism spectrum diagnosis
  • fine and gross motor delays
  • speech delays
  • cognitive delays
  • anxiety disorder
  • developmental delays

We see children of all ages (and we actually see adults, too!) To ensure that music therapy is a good fit for your child, we offer FREE, 30-minute screenings. This allows us the opportunity to see how your child responds to the music setting – and allows us to tell you which areas in which we think we can make the most impact.

Who provides the music therapy sessions?

Music Therapy Services of Greater Atlanta (MTS of GA) was founded by Elizabeth Hampshire, MM, MT-BC, NMT Fellow, and has been providing professional music therapy services to the metro Atlanta area since 1998. We offer individual music therapy services, social skills groups, and private, group, and adaptive music lessons. MTS of GA offers services at three locations in the metro Atlanta area and partners with others in our community, including right here at Kid’s Creek Therapy.

Here at Kid’s Creek, we have three music therapists from MTS of GA available for music therapy sessions. For more information about music therapy services or to schedule, please call at 678-277-2632 or email admin@mtsofga.com

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