Celebrating 10 years! Happy Anniversary Kid’s Creek!


There is much significance in the number 10…
We teach our children how to count to 10.
We have 10 fingers and 10 toes.
10=a decade!
There are 10 pins in a bowling alley lane arranged in a triangular pattern.
In the Olympics…the highest score possible in gymnastics competition.
There are Ten Commandments.
How to cool one’s temper…counting to ten.

The number of years Kid’s Creek Therapy has been helping children to achieve their potential=10! We are excited to share our milestone celebration with both the families we serve and the Johns Creek community. During 2014 we are going to be celebrating in a big way throughout the year. On Saturday March 8, 2014 from 1-4pm we will have having a 10 year anniversary celebration that you will not want to miss! A fun family event with inflatables, photo booth, community vendors and a talent show!

Over the past ten years it has been our pleasure to serve families by working directly with their children. Over the course of ten years we have worked with close to 1100 children! While it is our goal to positively impact the lives of these children and their families, we have been the recipients of many blessings through them along the way. Our lives are much richer for having been a part of your lives.

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