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What to Say to the Parents of a Baby with Down Syndrome: Dos and Don’ts

Note:  The author of this post, Andi Fulton Sligh is a friend of ours who lives in Fairhope, Alabama and is the mother of two children with special needs.  She actively blogs about her life experiences at  She has

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Update on Apraxia…insights from CASANA

Wow! I have to say I was quite impressed with my first experience of CASANA’s 10th Annual National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Nashville, TN recently. What a delightful mix of parent- and professional-friendly sessions! All aspects of

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W Sitting…what parents need to know

“She broke her toe when she got up from W-sitting on the floor while she was reading a book!” That was the opener as a mom and her daughter came in for a scheduled physical therapy session. What is W-sitting,

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Serving Families Since 2004

In January 2019, Kid’s Creek Therapy will celebrate fifteen years serving children with special needs, and we look forward to sharing our milestone celebration with both the families we serve and the Johns Creek community. It has been our pleasure

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Special Needs and Special Occasions

Making family gatherings good, not ghastly Original Post By Terri Mauro, Guide Family get-togethers are the worst. Too many people. Too much noise. Too much food. Too many opinions on the ways you’re raising your children. Never mind the

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Early Intervention and Home Practice

Early Intervention… Do it now… The sooner the better… Practice and do therapy skills every day at home too! Yes…but does it really pay off in the end? Don’t take my word for it…listen carefully to the words of a

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Super Heroes are among us!

There are Super Heroes among us every day, though you may not recognize them. They do not “leap from tall buildings with a single bound,” fly, super smash buildings, or shoot laser beams from their hands (although admittedly they might

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The moment I fell in love…with being a speech therapist

As a speech therapist, there was a moment when I “fell in love” with being a therapist. I was in college and was working with my very first patient. He was two years old, but had very few words. I

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