Super Heroes are among us!

Super herosThere are Super Heroes among us every day, though you may not recognize them. They do not “leap from tall buildings with a single bound,” fly, super smash buildings, or shoot laser beams from their hands (although admittedly they might try).

They don’t usually wear capes.

Many times they move quietly among us, doing amazing things, but like an invisible person, go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Recently at Kid’s Creek Therapy we celebrated Super Hero Week…just to recognize such individuals.

On a daily basis, there are sixteen superheroes working at Kid’s Creek. The feats they accomplish are amazing. Guiding a child in taking his or her first steps, helping a little one reach out to touch mom’s face for the first time, encouraging one more try and hearing a child’s first words, cheering a child on as they play with a peer and smile for the first time, comforting a mom who has just learned of her child’s diagnosis, listening to a dad who wants to learn how to play with his child and teaching him how…the list could go on.

On a weekly basis there are well over 160 small Super Heroes who come through the doors of Kid’s Creek. They move our hearts in deep and lasting ways. They seem to have a magical power over us. All they have to do is smile or laugh and they have us under their power…and there is no other place we would rather be.

In addition to the Super Heroes who fly through our doors to the treatment rooms in Kid’s Creek there are two other types of Super Heroes in our eyes. First, there are the Sidekicks. You know, every Super Hero has to have a Sidekick, right? Ours show up in the form of brothers and sisters. On any given week there are Super Sidekicks in the waiting room of Kid’s Creek. I’m not sure that the parents would say that their super power is patience or waiting, but we have a feeling that the love these kids have for their siblings is absolutely powerful!

I’d like to share a short story of one such Sidekick. Meet Super Hero Ava and her Sidekick little brother, Aaron. I’ve known Ava since she was 2 ½ years old. She is now 6. Over the years, Ava has changed so much. She has shown us what perseverance means. She has progressed from a little girl with no words to a playful little girl who can belt out in perfect pitch “Old MacDonald” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” with the best of them. Sidekick Aaron has grown up watching his big Super Hero sister go through quite a lot. Ava has mitochondrial disorder, cerebral palsy and autism. Visits to the hospital are frequent. Watching Big Sister be poked, prodded and checked out are a normal routine to this little guy. So it was only fitting that just as we were starting to celebrate Super Hero week at Kid’s Creek that Aaron decided to take on the role of Super Hero for his sister one day, when she was not feeling well. The picture above says it all…

Finally, last but definitely not least, it’s you parents. You are Super Heroes in our eyes every day! We see your tireless efforts to do everything you can to provide the best for your children. School, doctor’s appointments, therapy appointments, meal planning, house cleaning, job juggling, there is so much more that you do than I can even list. So on the days that you are not feeling so “super,” let us come along side you and hold you up. Let us help to recharge your x-ray vision, hold up your super stretchy arms, tune up your super hearing, and recharge your super strength. You are amazing!

Keep your eyes open as you look around…Super Heroes are among us!

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