Social Skills for Children

Kid’s Creek Therapy’s unique, evidenced-based Social Skills Curriculum provides children optimal opportunities to develop the skills necessary for successful social interactions.

Research suggests that children develop along a continuum of social skills and competencies, rather than a step by step progression. Growth depends upon the children’s access to social situations, social readiness, social awareness and social cognition.

Research also shows that children lacking social skills will mature in a therapy setting. Social scripts and teacher instruction will provide a bridge between a child’s reluctance and their social potential and resilience. Peer practice and at-home support make the social scripts part of the child’s vocabulary and social skills toolbox.

Our unique feature is a Competencies Checklist that tracks the child’s social progress along 20 domains. A child must score satisfactory to graduate from each level of the program. This progress monitoring feature gives parents the confidence that Kid’s Creek is working to achieve results and long-term improvement for all children.

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